Internet tools & applications

g-point is constantly developping various nifty internet tools, directly based on the needs of ur customers.

Our tools run on classic MacOS, MacOS 10 as wellas Win32 systems.

Tired of the usual expensive bloat ware? Our tools are slim, small, fast and easy to learn - and they do exactly what you want and need to do. Nothing more and nothing less.

g-point internet tools save you from having to buy expensive application packages that go far beyond what you need. This is not only a waste of money, but also a waste of human resources because of the unnecessary steep learning curve such complex software packages sport.

g-point internet tools are different in the approach. We analyze your needs, and come up with a custom tailored application.

A list of already available tools can be obtained at the HabakukSoft website - the homepage of our internet tools development team.

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